Back to the glory days of travel with Fiji Airways


High-tech luxury in business class on Fiji Airways

Remember when air travel was fun?  When you didn’t have to pay for water, or starve if you forgot to grab a meal before your overnight flight?  Those were the days…Well Fiji Airways, formerly Air Pacific is working on doing something about enhancing the in-flight experience. Here’s what they have in store…


Red carpet treatment 🙂

Last week I was invited to Los Angeles to celebrate the re-branding of Air Pacific to Fiji Airways, its former name during the 1960s.  Along with a new name, the company is debuting a brand new Airbus A330 that is absolutely stunning. According to Fiji Airways Acting CEO Aubrey Swift, the launch of Fiji Airways will allow the “Fijian experience [to] start the moment you enter the plane.  From the traditional Fijian Masi artwork that adorns the tail of the aircraft, to the rich interior, to its own staff, to the name, this airline proudly represents all that the Fijian culture and our beautiful islands stand for.”

Masi artwork on the tail of the new Airbus A330

Masi artwork on the tail of the new Airbus A330

I can honestly say that the moment I stepped on this new plane, I felt transported.  The business class section is completely high-tech with 15.4-inch LCD displays, a USB interface and 76 inches of bed length in the seats.  There’s also a refreshed business class menu, featuring my favorite service – a breakfast menu that you fill out before you go to sleep that allows you to decide when the crew should wake you up for your preferred breakfast (heavy breakfast, medium or light).  All of the seats in economy class feature individual screens with on-demand entertainment as well as power outlets.  I can’t imagine a better way to experience a long haul flight!

Individual screens in economy class

Individual screens in economy class

Design is also a big part of the Fiji Airways launch.  Both economy and business class feature traditional Masi-designed blankets and pillows, and the new staff uniforms have Masi artwork as well.  Fiji Airways has also launched an in-flight publication that plays as a guide to Fiji’s 330 plus islands, highlighting certain cities, hotels and area activities.  Immersing myself in Fijian culture before even setting foot on an island was the perfect way to set my body clock to Fiji time 🙂

Check the album! Have you had a particularly wonderful experience with an international airline? I want to hear about it in the comments below!

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  1. Wow! This airline sounds wonderful! Fiji may be my 45th birthday vacation spot! 🙂

  2. Your tweet popped up on my email, so happy to read your review and see your photos.

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