Bienvenue en Louisiane

Ahhh Louisiana how I love thee.  This state is so interesting because I feel like people either fear it, or believe that New Orleans is the only city that exists. Well. It’s not.  My mother was born and raised in a small town called Welsh, Louisiana (grew up speaking Creole) and is a Southern girl through and through.  My grandparents still live there and they are your typical Southern grandparents.  My grandma will just as soon curse you out as she will give you one of her homemade pralines.  My grandpa will come home with a piglet in April and kill it himself for Christmas dinner.  I love it.

Every year I head down to Louisiana for Christmas and this year, since I knew I wanted to start this blog, I tried to visit other towns and take pictures to get feel for the beauty that is The Pelican State.  The French influences in architecture, the cuisine, the sweet people and the occasional bible beaters are all what make this state so great.  More pics and posts to follow but lets get started…


Gumbo Ya Ya!

Typical holiday in the South lol

Aaaaaand another…LOL

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