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Friends!! I have a big announcement to make.  It’s something that has been in the works since around September of last year but hasn’t come to fruition until now due varying factors.  Drum roll please….


I’M MOVING BACK TO THE DC AREA!! After much debating, sleepless nights, worrying, anxiety, fear, basically any “fill in the blank” emotion you can think of, I’m finally pulling the trigger on crossing over from a career in public relations to full-time freelance editorial writing.  It’s scary as hell but I could not be more excited!!  I finally feel like I’m following my dreams and taking a step out on faith.

It’s been an interesting dichotomy over the past six months to feel like this traveler who is constantly seeking out a new adventure, yet needing to keep that adventurous spirit contained to the nights and weekends, or a two-week vacation span.  Coupled with the fact that I love to write, but was finding myself writing what I love on the nights and weekends after spending ten hours a day staring at a computer at work…it all just seemed not right. Plus, I was burning out very fast.  I have to say that New York and my public relations career have served me so well.  I’ve gotten to see amazing places, form relationships with great people and live in one of the best cities in the world.  I’m so grateful for my time here and I’m also thankful that my new home will be only 4 hours away from my old one.  For now, I’ll be subletting my (awesome) apartment and who knows, I may return to NY.  Either way, I’m beyond excited to embark on this new chapter and I can’t wait to share my new life with you all!

What about you? CNBC says that 2013 may be the year that employees say “I Quit”.  Are you following your dreams right now? Is there something you can be doing that would better serve your goals and desired outcome for your life? I want to hear about it!

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  1. Congratulations! After living in DC for 35+ years, it will always be home to me. Good luck to you!

  2. Nakeva says:

    Excited for you! And excited that you’re a bit closer to me now. Good luck!

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