Broken laptops and luxury travel tweet chats

The above statements are completely unrelated other than the fact that they were highs and lows of my day on Wednesday.  Let’s start with the low.  As you can see I haven’t written since last Friday and that is due to the fact that my laptop has decided to pick a fight with me that I fear I am losing.  Luckily the damage seems to only be physical, meaning that I can still fully use the laptop to write but the screen is almost off its hinges so I have issues closing it and therefore cannot travel with it. BUMMER.  Any way, after taking my laptop to two different laptop doctors, the verdict was the same i.e. I may as well buy a new one instead of paying to get it repaired and be without it for 2-3 weeks. So lame.

Anyway, that small issue has prevented me from writing probably more out of mental exhaustion than physically being unable to write.  That said, I did not completely abandon my travel peeps! I was so fortunate on Wednesday to participate in a luxury travel tweet up with luxury travel experts Erina Pidnar (@MissSmartFlyer), Stacy Smalls (@EliteTravelGal) and Tiffany Dowd (@luxetiffany).  These ladies know their luxury travel and happen to have awesome connections with big wigs in the luxury travel industry who were happy to participate.  The event went like this, Stacy tweeted out an amazing link that I had never used before called Tweetchat which is a service that allows you to type in the hashtag (or topic) that will be used in your chat and view all tweets in real-time that use the same hashtag.  It’s an easy way to view what everyone in the chat is saying as well as read all questions posted by the chat moderators.  When you want to tweet something in response to what is going on in the chat, the service automatically includes the chat’s hashtag onto your tweet. Could not be easier!

In this chat we discussed everything from what we love the most about fall travel, our favorite travel products this fall, and favorite fall destinations.  I learned so much! It was also great to connect with other travel enthusiasts and I was able to gain a lot of new followers and find new people to follow on twitter.  Even better, the three ladies made 4.7 million impressions during their first #traveluxe chat. That is FANTASTIC.  Make sure to get involved for their next chat to be held on October 17th at 4:30 pm EST.  The topic hasn’t been released yet but the hashtag will be #traveluxe and it is sure to be super fun!

Congrats on a great idea Tiffany, Stacy and Erina! I cannot wait until the next chat!

Check out a screen shot below of what Tweetchat looks like.  It’s seriously so great and convenient.  Have a great weekend!

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