Clinging to the last bit of summer in Massachusetts (Final)

On my final day in Massachusetts we made it over the Sagamore Bridge into the very popular vacation island known as Cape Cod. As Aunt Janell and I were vacating that day, we decided to have brunch on the Cape and explore some shops before heading back to Boston by early afternoon. We decided to explore the town of Sandwich, MA on the Cape because A) we love food and B) why wouldn’t you want to visit a town named Sandwich? FYI I learned that the town of Sandwich is not actually known for its delicious sandwiches (although I’m sure they can be found) but instead for what known as Sandwich glass – a decorative type of glass is used for vases, glassware and what not. I also learned that Sandwich is the oldest town on Cape Cod and shockingly home to; you guessed it, the Sandwich Glass Museum!

We enjoyed a fantastic brunch at a popular place in town called Cafe Chew where I was literally shocked to find that they served my absolute favorite Louisiana hot sauce instead of Tabasco. That moment made me a Cafe Chew patron for life. After lunch we explored a few cute shops that looked like a crafts store exploded inside of them, but we were able to score great scarves, cute greeting cards, and fragrant soaps. Sandwich is also a wonderful place for antique and thrift store shopping that we were unfortunately unable to partake in as most stores were closed on Sundays.

Finally we took one last spin around downtown Plymouth for more thrift shopping before I headed back to NYC. I found a fantastic winter coat for all of six dollars AND the proceeds went to prevent domestic violence abuse. It doesn’t get any better than that! All in all it was a perfect, relaxing trip! Where are your favorite places to thrift shop? What gems have you found?

Heading to the Cape

Cape Cod Canal

I screamed when I saw this in Cafe Chew


The store sold bath salts with some of my favorite quotes on them.

Seriously though, this store smelled like rose, lavender, and everything good in the world.

Victorian style B&B in Sandwich

Strolling downtown Plymouth

In an antique store in Plymouth that was a former a bank. The back office was the former safe. This is the door.

Office/Safe door. So cool.

Colonial Plymouth Courthouse

Bye Plymouth! You were wonderful…

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  1. Becca Taft says:

    I want to see a picture of the coat!

  2. Shiela says:

    Sorry I was unable to share the wonderful adventures of this weekend with Kathy, Tom, Janell and you. Mom

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