Clinging to the last bit of summer in Massachusetts (Part 1)

Two weekends ago I vacated to Boston/Cape Cod to enjoy the last bit of summer near one of my favorite landscapes – the beach.  I was able to spend a few hours in Boston and Cambridge before I headed to Plymouth, MA/the Cape.  In Cambridge I indulged in some local cuisine at the trendy restaurant Area Four (bacon and clam pizza, YUM!) with my ex-roommate who I miss so much, stared at the Frank Gehry designed buildings on the campus of M.I.T., and took entirely too many pictures of downtown Boston.  Speaking of too many pictures, this trip will be split among two…maybe three post because I explored SO much during my time in Plymouth and Cape Cod.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of Boston and Cambridge after the jump!

My welcoming place, South Station

Welcome to Cambridge!

Frank Gehry buildings on MIT campus

Delicious clam and bacon pizza at Area Four in Cambridge

Downtown Boston looks like a 3D puzzle

You agree, right?

Memorial near our house in Plymouth

Plymouth bluffs

Obligatory “I’m gazing at the ocean pondering the meaning of life” shot



Pups waiting patiently for steak. So funny.

This is how my bed was made when I got to my room. My teddy bears waiting for me on teddy bear sheets. So amazing lol

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  1. Rebecca Taft says:

    Great pictures! So fun to see you (and eat your leftover clam & bacon pizza 🙂 ) Can’t wait for your next visit in two weeks!!

  2. Maxine says:

    Hi, I just found your blog and am loving it so far — we seem to share similar interests! You know, I lived in the Boston area for 3 years and never once thought it looked like a jigsaw puzzle (MIT campus aside), but I see it now! It kind of almost looks like a Vegas version of itself, huh?

    • shayamour says:

      Hi! Thanks so much for your comment! I checked out your blog as well, we definitely have similar interests. I loved your post about Stephen Fry in America, I’m definitely going to check out his miniseries. It seems like it might be like my blog. And yep, definitely Boston/Vegas! haha

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