Favorite travel gear: West Elm zipper case

Photo credit: WestElm.com

Photo credit: WestElm.com

This month has been stacked with travel, meaning that I’ve been doing a ton of unpacking and re-packing.  At this point, I’ve become a huge fan of anything that makes the packing process simple and painless (carry on, ONLY).  In April I was a bridesmaid in the wedding of one of my best friends, and she gave her bridal party these adorable, monogrammed cosmetic bags from West Elm.  What a lifesaver!

When it comes to travel gear, I love and need items that are cute but functional.  The largest size of the West Elm cosmetic bags serve as the perfect toiletry bags for me because there aren’t 7,000 compartments, making it super easy to just throw things in when I’m packing in a rush.  It has also been a God send in the security lines because the TSA never fights me over the fact that my bottles aren’t in a clear plastic bag when I have them in this handy tote. Who has gallon sized plastic bags lying around the house anyway?? The fact that it can be monogrammed for only seven extra bucks is a huge plus! So cute!


Mine! Thanks Becca!

The most attractive part about this bag is the price tag.  The 10″ x 14″ large bag retails for only $12.00! Even better, all sizes of the metallic design of the zipper case (in the first photo) are on sale right now! Get some!

Do you have a favorite brand for your travel gear?  A favorite travel accessory? Let me know below!

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