Food Friday: Danzante Restaurant at Villa del Palmar


The meal I had at Danzante restaurant was the best meal I’ve ever eaten at an all-inclusive resort.  I’d like to preface that bold statement by offering the small disclaimer that it is also the first meal I’ve ever had an all-inclusive resort.  What is it about all-inclusives?  I guess the idea that you are paying for everything up front can be a comfort to most people, especially if includes alcohol.  I, on the other hand, am terrified of them.  I’ve heard entirely too many horror stories of friends and family members who have found incredible deals at an all-inclusive, just to find out that what they’ve paid for isn’t at all what was advertised on the website.  Mainly this has been reflected in the food and beverage service.  Whether it’s a lack of dining options, watered-down drinks or food that has been sitting out all day, I’ve been too freaked out to make the investment.  As a non-drinker, an all-inclusive resort doesn’t save me all that much money.  Additionally, I feel like food is one of the most important aspects of a trip!  I definitely don’t play when it comes to my tummy.


Which leads me to Danzante, the restaurant that may have just changed my personal ban on all-inclusive resorts.  Danzante is the most formal of the dining options at Villa del Palmar at the Islands of Loreto and is self-described as a steakhouse and seafood restaurant with a Mexican fusion.  Guests have the option of experiencing the resort and its dining outlets at an a la carte rate but honestly, when the food is this good, I can’t think of a single reason why anyone would choose that option.  Danzante offers everything from simply prepared fresh seafood (lobster is an extra $15 to the all-inclusive rate) to traditional Mexican dishes.  Everything we had was absolutely delicious.  So much so that I rose to the challenge presented to me by the General Manager that I wouldn’t eat at least 80% of all six courses presented to me. PSH! I passed with flying colors.  So much so that by the end of the trip he said “I don’t understand. Where does all the food go?” HA, winning!

Here’s what we had during our dinner at Danzante:

First course: Chef’s specialty, a shrimp dish with a citrus sauce and sliced cactus. Sorry I don’t have a more accurate description (pic 1)

Second course: Poblano style cream soup in a bread bowl


Third course: Chocolate clams! No, not clams covered in chocolate haha. Fresh clams that have chocolate-colored shells, see above. Dug up that day from just off property!

Fourth course: Grilled sea bass with roasted potatoes. So fresh, so tasty. Not pictured.

Fifth course: Beef fillet over a bed of risotto…I couldn’t get a more accurate description of this either but it was good. Even as a fifth course when I was ready to throw in the towel haha


Dessert: Pumpkin tart with tequila ice cream. Not pictured.

Please note, even though each course was delicious, I was ready to die by the time this dinner was over.  I do not recommend committing yourself to any eating challenges while at Danzante because you definitely will not want to stop eating!

Have you been to an all-inclusive resort? How was the food? How was the experience in general?

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