Food Friday: SoBou in New Orleans

Duck debris beignets at SoBou in New Orleans

Duck Debris and Butternut Beignets at SoBou in New Orleans

Happy February! I’ve decided to write a new weekly post about my second favorite love (after travel): food.  In my opinion, food can be just as transporting as travel and is often times an integral part of learning about a destination.  Unlike some avid eaters, I like to eat AND cook so I’ll be not only posting about amazing dining experiences but some of my own successful and not-so-successful cooking experiences.  Over the years I’ve had a great time learning, usually self-taught by following a recipe, how to cook different cuisines and different cooking techniques.  Usually it’s a great experience, other times it ends in tears, but it’s always a story! On this first Food Friday, my mind is completely on New Orleans.  The Super Bowl will be taking place in New Orleans this Sunday AND the biggest portion of Mardi Gras is next weekend. Talk about a city that knows how to throw a party!

Never-ending apothecary bottle design at SoBou

Never-ending apothecary bottle design at SoBou

In December I got to spend a few hours in New Orleans where we stopped for lunch at SoBou, which stands for South of Bourbon a.k.a Bourbon Street, a restaurant located within the W New Orleans French Quarter.  SoBou is part of the famed Commander’s Family of Restaurants and the cuisine is described as “Louisiana street food inspired small plates”.  The best part of the small plates idea is that we got to try lots of things off the menu without breaking the bank.  Recently named one of “The Best New Restaurants in America” by Esquire magazine, this “spirited” restaurant features an apothecary inspired design and gumbo so good it made me sway.  The gumbo was even served the Acadiana way with a dollop of potato salad in the middle! I squealed with joy.

Gumbo ya ya!

Gumbo ya ya! So much flavor!

Here’s what we had in order of deliciousness:

  • Cochon de lait gumbo (seriously, do not leave without eating this)
  • Crispy chicken on the bone
  • Crispy oyster taco
  • Boudin balls
  • Duck Debris and Butternut Beignets
  • SoBou burger

As if incredible food wasn’t reason enough to go to SoBou, the service is impeccable…we literally hugged our waiter when we left.  Also, we visited for lunch so I’m not certain if the rules are the same for dinner, but SoBou offers 25 cent martinis! We had an excellent experience so if you’re ever in NOLA, make sure to add SoBou to your undoubtedly long “where to dine” list. xx

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