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Friday! I can’t remember the last time I was so happy to see you!  Ha, kidding…we all know it was last week at this time.  Anyway, I wanted to start out this Friday by sharing some love.  I come across so many wonderful blogs by incredibly talented ladies (sorry guys! I’ll do a search for specific guy blogs soon) that I figured it was time to call them out.  Most of the blogs that call to me are obviously travel blogs but the list below spans the range from travel to fashion to food.  I think the main thing all of these blogs have in common is that there are some seriously smart, hilarious and genuine women behind them.  I don’t know most of the women who run these blogs but I just want them to know that I’m a fan!

For your reference, these blogs are also listed in my blog roll on the right of your screen:

A Cup of Jo – Popular lifestyle writer Joanna Goddard maintains this blog that is simply about her lovely life in New York with her husband and son and the things she finds interesting…and I love it. Perhaps we are soul sisters. I’ve been entertained by posts about bathroom redecoration, fall clothes, her toddler son’s first soccer practice and most recently nutella-stuffed sea salt cookies. Delicious.

Hotel Belle – Hands down one of my favorite travel blogs. Hotel Belle Annie Fitzsimmons documents her personal travels as well as includes posts to her travel stories from Forbes, CNN, T + L and basically any other travel pub you’ve read before. Her posts are always informative and fun mixed with some sweet pictures.

Lost in Cheeseland – Paris is admittedly the one European city that I am borderline obsessed with yet so damn ashamed to admit it.  I hate the fact that I am a typical 26-year-old girl with an uber romantic obsession with Paris but Lindsey’s awesomely named blog shows me that maybe Paris truly is as romantic as I’ve conceptualized in my head. She fell in love with a Parisian and moved to Paris for Christ’s sake! All slight sarcasm aside, Lindsey’s blog is great because it shows the REAL Paris. She also has a great feature every Friday called Franco File Friday’s where she spotlights other expats in France. Each of their experiences are very different but equally interesting.

Lyndsights – This. Girl. Is. Hilarious. I’ve been reading her blog for a few years now and to be honest some of her posts have gotten me through some tough and lonely nights when I first moved to NYC by making me crack up laughing at my laptop screen. Lyndsay writes about whatever she wants and you can tell she has fun doing it.  She loves her life so much it inspires me to appreciate and love mine every day as well.

Nicole is the New Black – Ever since I discovered Nicole’s blog I’ve become obsessed with the idea of leaving it all behind and becoming an expat. Don’t worry, I still plan on seeing all 50 states 🙂  Nicole talks about the highs and lows of being an African-American woman in a foreign country and I so appreciate how real she is about everything.  To quote journalist Dream Hampton, Nicole’s blog has shown me “that there are no borders to where a life can be built.”

So Delushious – Supermodel Chrissy Teigen’s tagline for this food blog is “personal random ramblings from a girl who loves bacon and can’t be fat”. Um. Subscribe.  This girl is just awesome. In addition to being gorgeous and John Legend’s other (better?) half, she can cook her ass off. We’re talking freaking complicated dishes that turn out absolutely beautiful.  My favorite part about this blog is that the recipe postings always include curse words of some sort, or some level of crudeness mixed with food porn images. She rocks.

Style Jaunt – Travel and fashion, you don’t have to give me much to keep me happy.  All of Katarina’s posts are short and sweet but she does a great job of highlighting a wealth of topics that relate to traveling in style.  The best beauty products, accessories, and outfits mixed with the coolest hotels and destinations make for the perfect travel blog for ladies.

Travel Junkie Julia – Spoiler alert! I love Julia Dimon. In addition to being a great friend, Julia is the ultimate adventure traveler. Nothing stops this girl from trying something or somewhere new and as a slightly timid traveler, her curiosity is something I will always respect. Also, I love that she flat-out talks about how addictive travel is! Most journalists try to over-intellectualize travel when in reality, it’s just FUN. I mean hey, if you’re going to be a junkie over something, I can’t think of a – better addiction to have than travel.

Wayfare – I won’t go into huge detail regarding Wayfare’s blog since I’ve already professed my love of this publication in a dedicated post (that may or may not have used the word “obsession”) but the blog portion of this magazine includes very cool stories that aren’t included in the magazine. Check it!

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