I survived.


I just wanted to get that out-of-the-way in case you were worried.  How was your Thanksgiving?? Mine was highly caloric and wonderful and I hope yours was as well.  In my last post I discussed my extensive menu and I’m proud to say that I prepared almost everything on it.  The spicy caramel brownies became a total afterthought.  That said, I still have all the ingredients necessary for the brownies so you might see them in a future post!

I think that my Thanksgiving cooking experience can be better explained in images than in words so after the jump please find…A PHOTO ESSAY!!

This is what I consumed on Wednesday night before I started cooking. I eat sweets when I’m stressed.

Caramel apple pecan pie time!! Adding buttaaaaa

Packing on the crumb topping

Into the oven we gooooo

Oh hi dear friend…my most favorite pie EVER!


Starting Thanksgiving morning with croissants from Dominique Ansel!

Chopping fresh Rosemary for our roast chicken

Putting Momma and Auntie to work!

Carrots, celery, scallions and chicken broth to simmer in the bottom of the roasting pan

Loosening the skin to prepare the chicken for butter and seasonings

Ready for the oven! Covered in butter, garlic, rosemary and coriander…nom

Goodbye for now lovely bird

Brown butter bourbon mashed sweet potatoes!

My kitchen smelled of garlic and bacon. I want it to smell like this all. the. time.

Sautéing scallions, garlic, and bacon. Awaiting Brussels sprouts!

Oh hi here’s the garlic just kidding

Oh yes.

10 minutes later, done! SO easy.

Yayyyyy I was such a proud mommy

She tried to fight me.

Perfect! All the delicious drippings at the bottom.

Easiest dish ever. Literally cranberries, orange juice, cloves, a bit of sugar, and water. Boiled until at syrup-like consistency.

No meal is complete without Jim ‘N Nick’s cheese biscuits as far as I’m concerned.

Done! Magic!

The whole spread.

From another angle.

Absurdly good apple pecan butter from Blackberry Farm. Went PERFECTLY with the cheese biscuits!

Me cooking = me not cleaning 🙂

Ten minutes after eating…so full it hurt.

I couldn’t move from this position for hours.

Well my friends as you can see I cooked and then proceeded to eat myself into oblivion.  I think by the American standards for Thanksgiving, the day would have been considered a success!  How did your Thanksgiving turn out? Any horror stories? I wanna hear them! This is a no judgment zone, ha!

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