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Hi friends! If you follow me on Facebook or Instagram (if you don’t follow me, what are you waiting for?), you know that I’m currently on a southern road trip.  For the past five days I’ve been eating my way through North Carolina before heading down to South Carolina and then back up north with various stops along the way.  It’s been fun, fattening, tiring, fattening, eye-opening, did I mention fattening?  Basically just living the dream.

Being on the road makes it difficult to post as frequently as I would like, but I recently came across an article that I just had to share.  I always talk about how inspiring it is to travel, and I love when I come across blogs/websites that share the same sentiment.  This post is titled “3 Reasons to Travel While You’re Young,” but the reasons are not limited to only young travelers!  It’s written by Jeff Goins, a writer who likes to help other writers write.  Got that?

I wholeheartedly agreed with every single thing in this piece.  I don’t think I would have been able to come up with better reasons than the ones Jeff listed.  Read it. Digest it. Then book a flight. Or, if the TSA annoys you (like me), hop in your car and hit the road!

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