Mardi Gras Memories (Part 2)

Happy Mardi Gras!! At this very moment, someone is screaming uncontrollably, puking, showing their boobs, drunkenly crying and catching Mardi Gras beads! ALL AT THE SAME TIME! Hahaha I’m totally kidding. I went to Mardi Gras last year and I had a wonderful time, hangover not required.  So, in my last post I discussed the relatively relaxed first half of my trip to Mardi Gras.  The second half of my trip kicked off with the arrival of my Mother on Monday, Lundi Gras.  She was ready to kick some New Orleans ass. I thought I was game, but I really wasn’t.  The fact that my 24-year-old self could barely keep up with her was literally hilarious.  Granted I had been tired from the few days before but hey, I did the best I could.

Mom’s first stop? Bourbon street of course! My other cousin was in town as well so we headed into the thick of the madness to have the Mardi Gras experience I had heard about.  Pictures in absolutely no particular order are below. There’s no way in hell I could remember what happened when.  All I know is that all of these pictures took place on Lundi Gras (Monday) and Mardi Gras (Fat Tuesday). Enjoy!

Mother has arrived. Drink in hand. GAME. FACE. ON.

Cafe where we had lunch, love the Louis Armstrong mural in the background

Look what I found in the French Market! The absolute BEST place to shop in the French Quarter

French Quarter! Sidenote: these two girls were so drunk they could barely stand. Please note the expression on the girls face next to me and the other with a death grip on my Mom. Bahaha

Cookie monster....with a giant dildo. I just...I don't even know. Look at my face, I was scared.

Bourbon Street! (has anyone noticed that I've had a drink in my hand in every photo?)

Our fellow party-goers on Bourbon Street


Mom with a member of the Zulu parade! I'd just like to say at this point it was Tuesday at like 8am and I just couldn't hang. Props to Mom for attending that parade while I slept.

So as you can see, things got a little wild but nothing but fun was had. I wish I could go into detail about everything I saw but the point is, I want you to see it for yourself! Also, the best thing about Mardi Gras is that at 11:59 p.m. on Tuesday, cops run out like roaches and kick EVERYONE off the streets because come midnight it’s officially Ash Wednesday. I’ve never seen anything like it! By 12:15 the streets are DEAD. Now you know why everyone starts drinking so early! I hope everyone has a good holiday! Next post I’ll finally write about something other than the state of Louisiana. I head to Denver on Friday! Woo hoo! xo

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