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Bethesda Fountain – Central Park

Hey! I hope you had a great weekend! I spent this weekend mainly in my apartment since it’s rare that I get to enjoy some time at home these days.  Lately it even feels like it’s rare that I spend time in NYC on the weekends.  I’ve been fortunate to spend the last two weekends at home after tons of travel this summer.  That said, I’m now gearing up for another stretch of travel to Boston this Friday, a quick 24 hours at home, and then to Utah on Monday for just about a week, taking me away from the city for two weekends in a row.  When I’m not in New York, sometimes I miss it, most times I don’t, but now that we are in my favorite season of the year, I’ll probably miss the city more than usual.  In preparation for my upcoming NYC deficiency, I decided to put together a post of random snaps around the city that I took over the past few months when I was feeling inspired.  Luckily, living in a city like New York there is never a shortage of inspiration.  Let me know which is your favorite photo! Also, have you been to NYC before? What’s your favorite spot to photograph? Looking forward to your responses! xx

Fiery sunset

Chelsea Market

Fresh lobsters at Chelsea Market


Gorgeous day in Washington Square park

Central Park

Storms a comin’! Empire State Building from my office window

Flatiron building…again near my office


NYC views from the Mondrian Soho rooftop

Sidewalk art

Obey – Nolita

Chandeliers in Isola Trattoria – Mondrian Soho


Lower East Side

East Village

Jeffrey’s Grocery – West Village

The Lion – West Village

Freedom Tower

Citi Field

Sick seats, bro

Game time

The originators.

Ode to Jackie Robinson and the Brooklyn Dodgers inside Citi Field

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  1. Re3ecca says:

    Beautiful pictures! I’ve still never been to America. New York is on the bucket list for sure.

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