That time I went to Maine…

Hello!  Remember when I went to Maine?? No? Well you would remember it if you followed me on Twitter because I wrote about my trip for popular travel site The Lost Girls!  Another reason you might not remember my trip to Maine is because well…it was almost 3 months ago.  I have once again allowed life to get in the way and I have absolutely no excuse for it.  That said, lets talk about the trip!

Maine has always seemed like a far away mythical land to me and I have no idea why.  For a girl who loves lobster rolls and being by the water, it boggles my mind that I had never visited a state known for those two exact things.  When I decided I wanted to take a trip to Maine, I coincidentally had been pondering the idea of going on a yoga retreat because living in New York was really starting to wear me down.  I hadn’t been eating well, I was stressed from work and non-work related situations, and my yoga practice was essentially non-existent.  One night I literally searched “Yoga retreat + Maine” and one of the first sites that came up was for Rolling Meadows retreat located in Brooks, ME.  The first glimpse of the tranquil setting of rolling meadows (duh) and forests was all it took for me to hand over my credit card information.  You can read about my experience at the retreat via the link to The Lost Girls website but I’ve included images below.

Because the trip to Maine centered around the retreat, I didn’t really feel like I got a chance to really explore the state outside of a couple of hours in Bangor prior to and after the retreat.  One thing that really drew me to the state was that its’ such a natural landscape.  I literally live on a concrete island, so the idea of meadows and forests are a bit foreign to me and when my plane was descending into Bangor, all I could think was “wow, everything is so green!”.  I’m the type of person that feels immediately calmed by natural surroundings so I felt at peace in Maine the second I landed.  I’m planning to take a trip to Portland this fall and get more of a feel for the city/state, things to do, places to go and the people.  Have you ever gone on a yoga retreat before? Have you ever been to Maine?  What did you love about it? Let me know below!

Welcome to Maine!

first meal of course…

Rolling Meadows property


The pond I jumped in (read The Lost Girls article)

A little help from instagram on this one…

Our home for the weekend

Practice room


This picture has a purpose other than being relaxing…

This was the tag on my cup of tea 🙂

Mommy and I relaxed and happy at the end of our trip


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