Tips for staying safe when traveling abroad alone

Preparing for a mud bath in Fiji...more on that later :)

Preparing for a mud bath in Fiji…more on that later 🙂

Before I launch into my various posts about the beautiful country of Fiji*, I wanted to talk about a subject near to my heart and one that will be of great importance to me in a few months (hint hint!).  There’s been some recent negative press about the dangers of traveling abroad alone as a young woman, and it’s sparked a lot of backlash in various travel blogging communities.  While these isolated incidences are for sure terrible, they are just that…isolated incidences.  I certainly don’t plan on letting them prevent me from traveling the world, but I do understand that certain precautions should be made.

Biking the Toronto Islands

Biking the Toronto Islands

So I decided to write about it!  Here’s my latest for, Solo female international travel: How to stay safe.

Movies like 2008’s Taken painted solo female international travel as a life-threatening activity, much to the chagrin of young women and their parents everywhere.

Here’s the reality: You don’t need to have an a**-kicking father like Liam Neeson to see the world on your own. However, traveling alone can be challenging and in all instances, women must be aware and protect themselves. Here are some easy tips for a safe and healthy solo trip abroad.

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Have you traveled abroad, alone? Where did you go? Did you feel safe? Let me know below!

*Note: My trip to Fiji was as a part of a group of media.  I did not travel alone.

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