Travel Tuesday Obsession: Mae Chevrette

My favorite piece!

My love for Oprah knows no bounds.  She always seems to enlighten me in some way and bring people, places and things to my attention that I’ve never heard of or considered and probably wouldn’t have ever come into my world had it not been for either one of her shows or O, The Oprah Magazine.  Case in point: Mae Chevrette.  Recently O magazine has been highlighting women in business usually in the realms of art, food, travel, lifestyle etc.  The August issue featured a young artist by the name of Mae Chevrette who creates paintings that feature inspirational quotes, as well as trinkets along the lines of old maps, tape measures and vintage sheet music.  All of her pieces are inspired by her travels and words of wisdom that have been influential in her life.

To say that I fell in love with these works of art is an understatement.  I currently have one as the background on my computer and I also plan on ordering a piece as a housewarming gift for my best friend who just moved to LA (as well as some prints for myself!).  All of the works that pertain to travel are just oh-so-inspiring and mixing that aspect of a young lady that is following her dreams has made me a super fan!

Mae’s beautiful works of art can be seen and purchased here, her very cool blog is here, and you can follow her on twitter here.

Thank you Mae for being an inspiration to young women!

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