Travel Tuesday: What’s on your Life’s Ultimate To-Do List?

Mount Rushmore
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The other day I was reading my August/September issue of National Geographic Traveler, one of my favorite travel publications, and I came across an ad for Hilton Garden Inn that was publicizing a contest they are currently running called “Life’s Ultimate To-Do List”.  Now, I know we all have to-do lists filled with daily mundane tasks, but have you ever sat down to think about what is your travel to-do list?  I found it interesting that this ad started out posing the question: “Did you know that most Americans have a special destination they dream of visiting?  They want to see the world and are ready to cross a location off their list this year. So what’s on your bucket list?”*Most people consider a travel to-do list to be a “bucket list” but my fear with that term is that people will put off their travel goals until they are literally about to kick the bucket!  What’s wrong with taking advantage of our youth and crossing some of these destinations of our to-do list now? Don’t tell me youth is truly wasted on the young!  People make up so many excuses that prevent them from traveling – lack of time, lack of money, etc. but the truth is, we put our energy towards our priorities so if you want to make travel a priority in your life, you’ll do it.  I also feel that many Americans place international destinations on their ultimate to-do list without even considering creating a travel to-do list of domestic destinations.  This country has so many different and interesting cultures, people and landscapes worth discovering! No passport required.

I’ve put together a snapshot of my American ultimate to-do list.  Some destinations/experiences are in states I’ve never visited while other states deserve a second, third and fourth visit.

Shayla’s Ultimate To Do List – Americana version

  • Visit the Lorraine Motel in Memphis – now a museum
  • Wear a giant hat to the Kentucky Derby
  • Little Rock Central High School National Historic Site
  • Mount Rushmore, South Dakota
  • Drive for a significant period of time on Route 66
  • Ben & Jerry’s factory, Vermont (um. duh.)
  • Camping in Big Sky Montana
  • Nike campus in Oregon
  • Jet ski in Lake Michigan
  • Dog sledding in Alaska
  • Embark on a cross-country road trip across the Northern half of America – New York to San Fran
  • Spend a few nights at the Biltmore in Asheville, NC
  • Go on a food crawl in Charleston, SC/Lowcountry SC and across Louisiana
  • Yosemite National Park
  • Hot air balloon ride or helicopter ride over the Grand Canyon!

What do you think of this small part of my list? What places and experiences are on yours? Leave me a note below!

*Quote taken from Hilton Garden Inn. This is not a sponsored post.

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