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First things first, I have my internet (and cable) back!  I think…it’s safe to say…that my roommates and I have fully recovered from the storm.  I am so ready as a Manhattanite to stop talking about it.  I’ve noticed that we (myself included) have been using Hurricane Sandy as an excuse for not getting things done and it has just got to stop!  This obviously does not apply to the areas harder hit but I think if you live in Manhattan and you’re still blaming Hurricane Sandy for your late arrival to work well then shame on you.

Anyway, it’s time for me to stop talking about New York! This is a travel blog after all.  Let’s revisit Utah shall we?  In my travels I’m slowly exploring the western part of the United States, and one thing I love about the mountain towns I’ve visited is the ever-present Main Street.  My favorite aspect of Main Street in villages and towns in America is that it’s usually a historic district full of fun facts about the respective town before it became a tourist area.

Park City was a mining town and was also known as a bit of a “sin city” in Utah because it was an area where a lot of miners came to drink when alcohol was prohibited in Utah.  Today, Main Street is full of eclectic restaurants, high-end art galleries, trendy boutiques, a sprinkle of tourist shops, and bronze statues of iconic Park City historical figures.  I could have easily spent all day popping in and out of the fashionable clothing and furniture stores, but of course my friends and I had to stick to a strict schedule.  That said, I think we got to do a lot of exploring! I guess this means I’ll have to plan another visit 😉

A piece by infamous street artist Banksy on Main Street, Park City

Poor decision-making in Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory

This display made me laugh so hard

Hey gurllll get ’em with your fur stole!

Just trying to fit in with the locals 🙂

Us in front of a statue of Emmett “Bud” Wright, a lineman for the local telephone company in 1920 who traveled the mountains surrounding Park City on his 10 foot-long, handmade skis, repairing phone lines. When one broke, he was forced to ski with skis of different lengths, shown in the statue.

Enjoying a cup of coffee with my new friend Franz

My favorite piece in J Go gallery by James Georgopoulos. This gun was used in Pulp Fiction!

High West Distillery! A must-visit for bourbon drinkers

Hooch served Sunday

More from High West Distillery which also serves as a restaurant

I wanted to bring this home. Wasn’t sure how to fit it in my suitcase. @ Root’d on Main Street

This vintage food scale was to die for

Gorgeous clothes at the super trendy Flight Boutique. Would have fit right in in Soho!

There’s a nightclub in Park City?? There’s a nightclub in Park City! @ Downstairs on Main Street

Main Street, Park City Favorites – An index

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